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My "Streets" photo-composites are motivated by a continuing interest in human content. I am intrigued by the way walls, doorways, sidewalks and stairways create a seemingly theatrical background. for all manner of passersby. The pervasive human presence appears to relate directly to the changing rhythms one often encounters in metropolitan areas. My photographic exteriors seek to emphasize varied facades as the boundaries between public and private realms of experience. Each piece is designed to be viewed as overall pattern, with the eye free to rapidly scan the geometric structure of the composition. A fixed camera position is maintained as the shutter is released. Throughout, my purpose is to create diversity in an otherwise repetitive format.

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Starting in 2004, I began gathering images at various recycling centers throughout Virginia. Subject matter has consisted of discarded materials such as copper coils, metal fragments, glass bottles, aluminum cans, auto parts, roofing materials and steel pipes. Availability of Adobe Photoshop has facilitated the cropping and mirroring of these images on multiple axes. The final works are composed left to right, top to bottom, like a mirror in all directions. After completion, titles for the works ("Arthropod", "Carapace", "Achiral Knot", "Tesla's Cage", etc.) were decided on with the invaluable assistance of my imaginative minded colleagues.

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"I never see a blue mailbox without a spark of warmth and wonder and gratitude that this intricate and extensive service is maintained for my benefit." -John Updike (1932-2009)

I have been photographing mailboxes since 1980. To date I have gathered over 8,000 such images. An important influence on this series has been Walker Evans' lifelong emphasis on American vernacular imagery. His major contribution, I feel, has been to foster a definitive appreciation of our own regional, cultural and period idioms. Following his example, I have so far explored the back roads of twenty different states, collecting what I consider to be national "readymades".

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